communicates with the dead *maintains pristine eyebrow game*

Gets put into insane Asylum, kidnapped, and raped

*maintains pristine eyebrow game*

Burn eyes off *maintains pristine eyebrow game*

has two heads and four eyebrows *maintains pristine eyebrow game 4x*

Positive vibes

This morning, I felt negativity towards me, only to quickly realize it was not intentionally meant for me. I closed my eyes, trying to find my happy place. I thought about that phrase for a moment and questioned how this gorgeous location wasn’t my happy place. I listened to the ocean, felt the brand new sun rise beam on me, and breathed in and out. Peace fell over me like I’ve never felt it before. Of course this is my happy place. Right here in my mind, on this beach. Calm and proud.


As I lay in bed, mindlessly scrolling through my phone my heart begins to feel heavy and my mind wanders back west…